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Affiliate marketing is a way for Merchants on the internet to allow others to promote their products and pay a commission for sales.


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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Affiliate Marketing Lessons - Easy to Follow Guide to Make Money

Imagine finally being able to quit your day job or earn extra cash each month just by promoting someone else's products over the internet. Stop imagining! Affiliate marketing can be the key to your financial freedom if you so desire it to be. However you'll need some guidance and affiliate marketing lessons. Fortunately I'm here to get you started on the right track.

Let's start out by defining affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is just the act of promoting someone else's product in the hopes to get a sale. The affiliate marketer serves an important role between someone looking to solve a problem and a merchant selling a solution to that problem. Affiliate marketers offer value to the person looking to solve his problems in a way thats relevant to his question. Questions by people on the internet come in the form of search engine queries. After all why do people use search engines? To search for the answers to their problems!

As touched on earlier it's important for the affiliate marketer to meet the demands of the person with a question. You'll want to provide someone searching for lets say "best natural sleep remedies" with exactly what they want. In this case you could provide them with a review page of different natural sleep remedies that provides value and relevance to their search! Obviously the more relevant you are to the questions being asked the better the chance they'll take your advice and buy from your merchant!

In order to be able to provide this value you'll need a landing page, which is just a web page with your offer, and a way to drive relevant traffic to that landing page. You can make free landing pages at numerous free sites or you can buy web hosting and domain to host your landing page. Driving traffic to the landing page is done by various methods including article marketing, pay-per-click campaigns, and email marketing.

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Anonymous mercurythread said...

Can you generally not link to merchants on affiliate programs? I see lots of talk about landing pages but don't see the point if you can link straight to another website. I guess with some sites using the landing page as a presell page and bthen giving the user choices about where to go on the merchant site could be a useful way to get conversion up.

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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